• How do I apply for a JMG Grant?
    After doing an inventory of the needs of the school and students submit a request though our website, or by contacting the Director at What can JMG provide for my school? • Curriculum to prepare students to obtain their first job or to advance in their current job • Leadership opportunities providing students the opportunity to demonstrate how to be a good leader as well as a good follower. • Service learning opportunities helping students gain an understanding of the importance of giving back. • Improved graduation rate • Another CTE credit opportunity for students • Increased community involvement with your school ...Read More
  • How do I become a JMG Partner?
    The first step to joining the work that JMG is involved in, is to see if there is a JMG school in your area. You can view our schools. The next step is toget in touch with the Career Specialist at the school, or for more ideas, you can contact our Director at More
  • What is JMG?
    JMG is a class taught in high schools and middle schools throughout Montana, providing needed credit toward graduation and can satisfy the CTE credit required by the Office of Public Instruction. Students are empowered by the Career Specialist (teacher) to take the lead on planning projects centered on civic responsibility, leadership, social interaction, academic performance and professionalism. JMG students collectively decide how projects, class assignments and community engagement activities are carried out by electing a governing body, assigning leadership roles, then holding each other accountable...Read More
  • How does JMG help students?
    JMG is for every student. Some barriers to success are observable; others are hidden. JMG seeks to connect with students who have barriers to success and empower them to take charge and remove those barriers, graduate high school, and become productive citizens of Montana and the nation. JMG helps build students confidence and gain skills to learn how to work together as a team, volunteer in the community and explore options for their future. JMG allows students to experience success and cope with failures in a positive manner (learn from their mistakes). We also help students with successful transitions from middle school to high school and from high school to life: preparing students for graduation as well as being ready to enter their first job or follow on education. JMG has the tools and resources to assist students with post-secondary education, training programs, or entry into the military and other service organizations ...Read More
  • Can I use your data, publications or videos?
    No portion of our materials or publications may be reproduced or used in any form without written permission from Jobs for Montana’s Graduates, except by JMG Programs, JMG Schools and JMG students when implementing JMG or participating in JMG activities...Read More
  • Do you get people jobs?
    No. We provide instruction to students on how to become career-ready and that includes working closely with local Job Services offices. If you are searching for work, your best place to start is More
  • What tools, resources or programs do you have?
    JMG provides grants, professional development, curriculum, collaborative partnerships, and much more. For more information, contact our Director at More