IN THIS TOGETHER:The Hidden Cost of Young Adult Unemployment:

At a time when young people are facing a mountain of new challenges in college, the labor market, and the home, the new Young Invincibles report, In This Together, lays clear how much our failure to provide young people with good jobs is costing our economy and the public each year at the federal and state level. Their findings are staggering: severely high youth unemployment costs $9 billion in tax revenue each year at the federal and state level.In This Together is a call to action for the national public, and the message shouldn’t be taken lightly. How we tackle the problems facing today’s youth has enormous implications for what the rest of the 21st century will look like in the U.S. Their policy proposals represent the opening of a national dialogue about how to address our current youth employment crisis.


JMG's IGNITE Montana Conference: Jobs for Montana’s Graduates (JMG) 27th Annual IGNITE Montana Conference (Career Development Conference) was held in Billings, Montana and brought together over 380 students and teachers from across the state on April 26-27.... Read More


JMG Receives National Accreditation: Jobs for Montana’s Graduates gets high marks during the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) National Accreditation Review. The National Accreditation Process evaluates a state’s progress in implementing and/or maintaining the JAG Model. In his executive review memo the JAG Executive Vice President, Jim Koeninger, states that "Jobs for Montana’s Graduates truly deserves JAG’s highest accreditation status".


JMG Overview

Collectively working toward a shared vision for students to build their network and community of support.

Program Results 2016 - 2017

• Graduation Rate - 97.44%
• Total Job Placements - 67.87%
• Total Positive Outcomes - 89.18%
• Full-time Jobs - 86.47%
• Full-time Placements - 92.27%%

Total Number of Students Served in JMG 2016-2017 - 1114
Programs   Number of Programs   Number of Students
High School   32   511
Alternative   7   185
Middle School   12    240
Out of School   2   178 

Students realize their potential through the collaborative efforts of educators, parents, community.

Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) Reports to the CSA and the Board of Directors