Our Number 1 Value at JMG is: Students Have A Voice.

“JMG inspired me to be confident and unafraid to take charge of a situation. I use to be a bit shy in larger groups or new situations, but by experiencing so many new things and learning so many great social techniques, I really feel like I can go into a situation confident and make the best of it.” - Jordan Monroe

“Jobs for Montana’s Graduates isn’t just a class, it’s a lifestyle. It has given me many opportunities to not only grow as an individual, but allow us as a team to flourish and become something more than just classmates. I cannot fully express my feelings towards JMG, but I can certainly say it has made me a stronger, happier, and more independent human in our society. I can’t thank my JMG family enough for all of the support and hope they give me.” - Aneesa Gerth

We at JMG offer you the following:

  • JMG will support you, while having fun!
  • JMG supports your voice in the projects that you create start to finish.
  • JMG will help you access opportunities while you are in middle/high school, and your future after graduation.

As you transition from Middle School to High School

  • We guarantee you up to a year of support after 8th grade JMG and 12th grade JMG.
  • We guarantee you chances to have fun, learn about yourself and try new things.
  • We guarantee you an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and show the world around you that you are capable of accomplishing amazing things.

“JMG gives me endless opportunities to make a difference in my community, learn more about myself, make the world a better place, and last but not least, JMG is building my future.” - Danielle Doubekk

“JMG is an awesome program that prepares teens for their future. Since being in this class I have learned about teamwork, workplace skills and professionalism. JMG is not a club or a class, but a family away from home.” - Shylo Foot

Exciting life after High School…Your path to Adulthood.

  • We guarantee you that after JMG you will feel more prepared to graduate high school.
  • We guarantee you that after JMG, you will be ready to enter your first job, or a better job.
  • We guarantee you access to tools and resources that will assist you in going on to post-secondary education, training programs, or the military.
  • You will forever be a part of the JMG community.

“Both years we all got so close. It was like a second family which is exactly what I needed to succeed in school.” - Hayley Freeman