U.S. Department of Labor Soft Skills Curriculum: Soft Skills to Pay the Bills

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HS Curriculum Corner Table of Contents

PBL Table of Contents

JMG Curriculum Table of Contents

The dropdown menu provides JMG Curriculum according to core competencies.

Form ID Title
A1-L1 Exploring Skills, Aptitudes and Interests
A1-L1-WS1 My Interests
A1-L1-WS2 Relating Interests to Careers
A1-L1-WS3 Career Interview
A1-L1-WS4 Guest Speaker Recap
A1-L1-WQ1 MCIS Interest Inventory
A1-L2 Exploring Skills, Aptitudes and Interests
A1-L2-WS2 Skills, Aptitudes, and Interests
A1-L2-WS2 Identifying Your Career Interests
A1-L2-WQ1 Interests, Skills, and Work Values Inventories
A1-L2-SAM1 Career Panel Invitation Letter
A2-L1 Relating Interests to Occupations
A2-L1-WS1 Work Values Inventory
A2-L1-WS2 What Do They Have In Common
A2-L1-WS3 Career Checklist
A2-L1-PP1 Values and Work
A2-L2 Applying Interests to Career Choice
A2-L2-WS1 Work Values Assessment
A2-L2-WS2 Holland Codes and Work Personalities
A2-L2-WS3 Three Career Choices
A3-L1 Identify Lifestyle
A3-L1-WS1 Goal Scroll
A3-L1-WS2 Coat of Arms
A3-L1-WS3 Taking an Inventory of Your Life
A3-L2 Heroes and Values
A3-L2-WS1 A Dream is a Wish
A3-L2-WS2 Lifestyle Choices Affect Career Choices
A3-L2-WS3 Values Conflicts Case Studies
A3-L2-ACT1 Words, Values, and Decisions
A4-L1 Career Paths
A4-L1-PP1 Career Clusters 101 Level 1
A4-L2 Career Clusters
A4-L2-PP1 Career Clusters 101 Level 2
A4-L2-HO1 Career Clusters
A4-L2-HO2 Integrating MCIS with Big Sky Pathways
A4-L2-HO3 Big Sky Pathways Template Guide
A5-L1 Job Portfolio
A5-L1-PP1 Career Research
A5-L1-WS1 Career Research Assignment
A5-L1-WS2 Is It a Match
A5-L1-R1 Career Research Rubric
A5-L2 Career Portfolio
A5-L2-ACT1 Exploring Your Career Choices Project
A5-L2-WS1 Career Research Paper
A5-L2-R1 Career Research Rubric
A5-L2-JS1 General Information
A5-L2-JS2 Plan
A5-L2-JS3 Agreement
A5-L2-JS4 Brochure
A5-L2-JS5 Parent Authorization
A5-L2-JS6 Medical Authorization
A5-L2-JS7 Student Question Sheet
A5-L2-JS8 Student Reflection Sheet
A6-L1 Job Analysis
A6-L1-WQ1 MCIS Setting Goals and Making Plans
A6-L1-WS1 Factors Affecting Job Choice
A6-L2 Job Conditions
A6-L2-WQ1 MCIS Revising Goals and Making Plans
A6-L2-WS1 Labor Market Trends
B7-L1 Write a Resume
B7-L1-WS1 How to Write a Good Resume
B7-L1-WS2 Cartoon Character Resume
B7-L1-WS3 Resume Data Sheet
B7-L1-WQ1 Resume Writing
B7-L2 Career Portfolio
B7-L2-ACT1 Resume Scenarios
B7-L2-HO1 Resume Styles
B7-L2-HO2 High Tech Resume
B7-L2-R1 Rubric-Resume and Cover Letter
B8-L1 Job Search
B8-L1-ACT1 Classified Ad
B8-L1-WS1 What Does the Ad Say
B8-L1-WS2 Reading Want Ads
B8-L1-HO1 Common Abbreviations
B8-L2 Job Search
B8-L2-WS1 Action Plan
B8-L2-ACT1 Informational Interviewing
B9-L1 Cover Letter
B9-L1-PP1 Cover Letter Basics
B9-L1-WS1 Cover Letter
B9-L1-WS2 Peer Review
B9-L2 Cover Letter
B9-L2-WS1 Peer Review
B10-L1 Telephone Skills
B10-L1-HO1 Telephone Etiquette
B10-L1-ACT1 Telephone Role Play
B10-L2 Telephone Techniques
B10-L2-HO1 Tips for Effective Telephone Contact
B10-L2-ACT1 Telephone Practice
B10-L2-PP1 Cell Phone Etiquette
B11-L1 Complete Application Form
B11-L1-WS1 What is a Job Application
B11-L1-PP1 Job Applications
B11-L2 Job Application
B11-L2-HO1 Perfect Job Application
B11-L2-WQ1 Job Application
B11-L2-Q1 Job Application Quiz
B11-L2-Q1-KEY Job Application Quiz Key
B12-L1 Employment Tests
B12-L1-HO1 Employment Testing
B12-L1-WS1 Employment Test Question Samples
B12-L1-WQ1 Employment Test
B12-L2 Employment Tests
B12-L2-ACT1 Pig Personality Test
B12-L2-ACT2 Hershey’s Personality Profile
B12-L2-PP1 Background Checks
B13-L1 Conduct an Informational Interview
B13-L1-HO1 What is an Interview
B13-L1-ACT1 Interview Role Play
B13-L1-WS1 Interview Puzzle
B13-L2 Job Interview
B13-L2-HO1 The Interview Process
B13-L2-HO2 Questions, Questions
B13-L2-HO3 Thank You Letter
B13-L2-WS1 How Did I Do
B13-L2-ACT1 Mock Interview
B13-L2-R1 Interview Rubric
C14-L1 Personal Appearance
C14-L1-PP1 Dress For Success
C14-L1-ACT1 Dress For Success Survey
C14-L2 Personal Appearance
C14-L2-HO1 Image
C14-L2-ACT1 Appearance Project
C14-L2-ACT2 The Button Project
C14-L2-PP1 Dress for Success Trivia
C15-L1 Customer Service
C15-L1-HO1 Customer Service
C15-L1-HO2 Workplace Basics
C15-L1-ACT1 Customer Service Practice
C15-L1-WS1 Star Search
C15-L1-WS1-GUIDE Star Search Guide
C15-L1-WS2 Workplace Basics Puzzle
C15-L1-WS2-KEY Workplace Basics Key
C15-L2 Desired Workplace Qualities
C15-L2-HO1 Workplace Qualities
C15-L2-HO2 Workplace Ethics and Values
C15-L2-WS1 Job Readiness Self Assessment
C15-L2-PP1 Workplace Ethics and Values
C15-L2-ACT1 Ethics and Values Case Studies
C15-L2-ACT2 Create a Comic Strip
C15-L2-WQ1 Social Networking
C16-L1 Conflicts Resolution
C16-L2-HO1 Conflict Resolution
C16-L1-ACT1 Conflict Resolution Practice
C16-L1-WS1 Conflict Resolution Assessment
C16-L2 Preparing for Job Concerns
C16-L2-HO1 First Day on the Job
C16-L2-HO2 Performance Appraisals
C16-L2-WS1 On the Job Problems
C16-L2-ACT1 What Would You Do?
C16-L2-ACT2 Resolving Workplace Problems
C16-L2-Q1 Are You Ready for Your New Job
C16-L2-I9 I-9
C16-L2-W4 W-4
C17-L1 Effective Use of Time
C17-L1-HO1 Day Planners
C17-L1-WS1 Spending Time
C17-L2 Time Management Analysis
C17-L2-HO1 Manage Your Work
C17-L2-HO2 Tips for Successful Time Management
C17-L2-HO3 Avoiding Procrastination
C17-L2-WS1 Time Management Analysis
C17-L2-WS2 Set Your Priorities
C17-L2-WS3 Master of Procrastination
C18-L1 Listening Skills
C18-L1-WS1 Giving Directions
C18-L1-ACT1 Recalling the Facts
C18-L1-ACT2 Back Art
C18-L2 Following Directions
C18-L2-ACT1 Sneaker Game
C18-L2-ACT2 Simon Says
C18-L2-ACT3 Origami Cup
C19-L1 Human Relations
C19-L1-ACT1 Box of Crayons
C19-L1-ACT2 Left Out
C19-L1-WS1 Differences and Similarities
C19-L1-WS2 WS2 What is Most and Least Like Me
C19-L2 Practice Effective Human Relations
C19-L2-ACT1 On the Pulse of Morning
C19-L2-WS1 The Tree
C20-L1 Letter of Resignation
C20-L1-HO1 Resigning From a Job
C20-L1-WS1 Resignation Letter
C20-L2 Resignation Letter
C20-L2-PP1 Why People Get Fired
C20-L2-HO1 You’re Fired
C20-L2-ACT1 Leaving a Job Scramble
C20-L2-Q1 Leaving a Job Quiz
D21-L1 Developing Listening Skills
D21-L1-ACT1 Pictures
D21-L1-ACT2 Following the Leader
D21-L1-HO1 Active Listening Skills
D21-L1-WS1 Good Reasons for Improving Listening Skills
D21-L2 Developing Listening Skills
D21-L2-ACT1 What’s in the Bag
D21-L2-ACT2 Rate Your Listening Skills
D21-L2-ACT3 Basket Ball
D21-L2-ACT4 Blind Walk
D21-L2-HO1 The Art of Communicating
D22-L1 Follow Written Instructions
D22-L1-WS1 Following Directions Assessment
D22-L1-WS2 Writing Directions
D22-L1-HO1 Tips for Improving Reading
D22-L1-ACT1 ACT1 After…Then Directions
D22-L2 Follow Written Instructions
D22-L2-WS1 What is in a Phone Book
D22-L2-ACT1 Student Directory
D22-L2-ACT2 Make a Kite
D23-L1 Written Communication
D23-L1-ACT1 Autobiography
D23-L1-ACT2 Caption Competition
D23-L1-ACT3 Who am I
D23-L1-WS1 Writing a Letter
D23-L2 Plagiarism
D23-L2-PP1 Plagiarism
D23-L2-HO1 What is Plagiarism
D23-L2-ACT1 Quick Draw
D24-L1 Communicate Verbally
D24-L1-ACT1 Voice Quality Evaluation
D24-L1-ACT2 Pass Right Pass Left
D24-L1-ACT3 Silly Handshakes
D24-L2 Communicate Verbally
D24-L2-WS1 What Your Actions Reveal
D24-L2-ACT1 Build What You Hear
D24-L2-ACT2 Personalized License Plates
D24-L2-ACT3 Effective Communication Skills
D24-L2-ACT4 News Worthy
D24-L2-ACT5 Crazy Lists
D25-L1 Developing Math Skills
D25-L1-HO1 Financial Terms
D25-L1-HO2 Calculating Gross Wages
D25-L1-WS1 Jake’s Wages
D25-L1-WS1-KEY Jake’s Wages Key
D25-L1-ACT1 Money Bingo
D25-L1-PP1 Calculating Time and Gross Wages
D25-L1-PP2 Making Change
D25-L1-WQ1 Wage and Time Calculator
D25-L1-WQ2 Basic Math Skills
D25-L2 Understanding Taxes
E26-L1 Team Membership
E26-L1-HO1 What is a Team
E26-L1-WS1 MCA Membership
E26-L1-WS2 Team Membership Assessment
E26-L1-ACT1 The House That JMG Built
E26-L1-ACT2 The NASA Experiment
E26-L1-ACT3 Newspaper Construction Project
E26-L1-ACT4 Select an Item
E26-L1-ACT5 Team Terms
E26-L1-R1 Group Participation Rubric
E26-L2 Team Membership
E26-L2-HO1 Team Power
E26-L2-ACT1 Puzzled By Teamwork
E26-L2-ACT2 Murder
E26-L2-ACT3 52 Card Pick-up
E26-L2-PP1 Logo Design
E26-L2-R1 Group Participation Rubric
E27-L1 Team Leadership
E27-L1-HO1 What is Leadership
E27-L1-HO2 Leadership and You
E27-L1-WS1 What Kind of Leader Are You
E27-L1-ACT1 Team Tinkering
E27-L1-ACT2 Construction Zone
E27-L2 Team Leadership
E27-L2-HO1 A Few Words About Leadership
E27-L2-HO2 Leadership Styles
E27-L2-ACT1 Group Leadership
E27-L2-ACT2 Team Skis
E28-L1 Group Presentation
E28-L1-ACT1 May I Introduce You
E28-L1-ACT2 Prepared Speeches
E28-L1-EVAL1 Peer Public Speaker Rating Sheet
E28-L2 Group Presentation
E28-L2-ACT1 Extemporaneous Speech Checklist
E28-L2-PP1 Basic Powerpoint Guidelines
E29-L1 Competition
E29-L1-HO1 What is Competition
E29-L1-ACT1 A Cents A Floating
E29-L2 Competition
E29-L2-ACT1 What’s in a Word
E30-L1 Commitment
E30-L1-ACT1 Fill Your Cup
E30-L1-ACT2 Magic Genie – Three Wishes
E30-L2 Commitment
E30-L2-ACT1 The Paper Chain Gang
E30-L2-ACT2 Helium Roll
F31-L1 Healthy Lifestyles
F31-L1-WS1 Healthy Choice Log
F31-L1-ACT1 How I Spend My Day
F31-L2 Challenges
F31-L2-ACT1 Challenges
F31-L2-HO1 Maturity
F31-L2-WS1 Maturity Measure
F31-L2-WS2 When I Was Young
F32-L1 Self-Esteem
F32-L1-ACT1 CD Cover Design
F32-L1-ACT2 Headbands
F32-L1-ACT3 Ugly Words Are Out
F32-L2 Teenage Bullying
F32-L2-ACT1 What Are You Worth
F33-L1 Goals
F33-L1-ACT1 Time Capsule
F33-L1-ACT2 Circle Pass
F33-L2 Academic Goals
F33-L2-HO1 Setting Goals
F33-L2-WS1 Making Your Own Goals
F33-L2-ACT1 Post Secondary Options
F34-L1 Decision Making
F34-L1-HO1 Decision Making Process
F34-L1-WS1 Decision Making Case Studies
F34-L1-ACT1 Survival
F34-L1-ACT2 Magic Maze
F34-L2 Critical Thinking
F34-L2-ACT1 Critical Thinking Situations
F34-L2-ACT2 Keys to Success
F35-L1 Responsibility
F35-L1-PP1 How to Be a Responsible Person
F35-L1-WS1 Dan’s Loan
F35-L2 Making Excuses
F35-L2-ACT1 Top 5 Excuses
F35-L2-ACT2 Circle
F35-L2-ACT3 Let Go Legos
F35-L2-PP1 How to Stop Making Excuses
F35-L2-HO1 Things to Teach About Apologizing
F36-L1 Attitude
F36-L1-ACT1 How Others See Me
F36-L1-ACT2 Attitude Poem
F36-L1-ACT3 Dicey
F36-L2 Coping With Change
F36-L2-PP1 Attitude Changes Everything
F36-L2-HO1 Confidence Boosters
F36-L2-ACT1 Just for Today
F36-L2-ACT2 Attitude for Success
F36-L2-R1 Pay it Forward Rubric
F37-L1 Etiquette
F37-L1-PP1 Proper Etiquette
F37-L2 Student Portfolio
F37-L2-ACT1 Student Portfolio
B10-L2-ACT1 Telephone Practice
D25-L1-ACT1 Money Bingo

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