“JMG is one of the most relevant and engaging classes we offer at our school. Students from all backgrounds and ability levels learn skills that can be applied to all future settings and or situations. The leadership and confidence that our kids gain from the opportunities provided by JMG allow them to experience success, how to deal with failures, and how to persist. JMG has allowed teachers to be creative and has forced them to grow in unexpected directions; this has made them better in all their classes. As a principal it has allowed us an opportunity to demonstrate excellence in 21st Century skill sets and to gain positive recognition for the work done. The JMG model makes a difference because it is no longer a class, it becomes the culture of the setting or school….it is a business like atmosphere with peer collaboration, success and failure….it teaching skills that are relevant for the individual student regardless of academic ability, background experiences and future plans…..” - Drew Uecker, Principal (Read more about Mr. Uecker here).

“My son learned so much about being a leader, getting organized for college, and being prepared to speak in front of others confidently. My favorite part of JMG is the confidence it gave my son. He is now in the Honors Program at Montana State! It helped teach him about his community, to take an active role in shaping it and that one person and one group can make a difference. It prepared him for living in a community at college and gave him the confidence and the leadership skills, service skills and organization skills to succeed.” - Kim Monroe, JMG Parent

Address how we incorporate JMG with Common Core.

“JMG is changing the lives of these students. It has given them not only a place to belong, but a place to shine and succeed. The confidence these students gain from being a part of JMG prepares them to believe in themselves, and that they can go forward and chase their dreams!”

If taught by a Business Teacher, JMG offers CTE credit to students.

“[JMG is different from other classes because] of the Career Specialists! They are AMAZING, honest and keep the students accountable. The Conferences and hearing from leaders in the community on Field Trips is also a huge factor. < JMG is a place where students can learn about themselves, learn about business models big and small, and a place where they can set attainable challenging goals.”

Preparing students to meet the evolving workforce expectations.

Events - “Project Classifieds”

Employability skills

  • Resume Building
  • Cover Letters
  • Soft Skills: Conflict Management, Project Planning, Community Service, Time Management, Communication

Workforce Development

  • Students speak to Employer Committees, School Boards and conduct tours of their schools for dignitaries (like Superintendent Juneau and Governor Bullock).

Hiring a JMG student

Job Service