JMG IS FOR EVERY STUDENT. Some barriers to success are observable; others are hidden.  JMG seeks to connect with students who have barriers to success and empower them to take charge and remove those barriers to graduate high school and become productive citizens of Montana and the nation.

In 1990, the Montana Legislature provided funding for Jobs for Montana's Graduates (JMG) to undertake the mission of assisting students to stay in school, graduate and successfully transition from school into employment, post-secondary education, apprenticeship, or the military.

Today, Jobs for Montana’s Graduates is a program funded by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry with the main purpose of preparing middle and high school students for the workforce. JMG actively promotes student success by connecting students with local employer and teaching them workplace professionalism, leadership skills and career readiness. Through nurturing their growth, JMG assists in empowering and mobilizing students to stay in school, graduate and be ready to enter the workforce as capable adults.

Since its inception JMG has positively affected over 18,000 students across the state of Montana; currently we are in 50 educational facilities serving approximately 1,100 youth.




Current High Schools - 28
Current Middle Schools - 12
Current Alternative Schools - 7
Out of School - 2
College Success - 1